Butt Cheek Beauty Kit

Butt Mask
This deluxe package features all three of Massk®’s signature products:
1. Massk® Butt Cheek Cleanser:  Start off with this acne-fighting, aloe-based wash, which is perfect for all skin types.
2. Massk® Bamboo Charcoal Butt Cheek Mask:  Treat yourself to this potent booty mask that doubles as a gentle scrub.
3. Massk® Butt Cheek Lotion:  Enjoy this luxurious rump-plumping moisturizer with firming and toning action.
booty mask
Indulge in the total Massk® experience with this three-part system formulated to make your butt more beautiful!
Booty Mask

Detoxifies –  pulls out impurities that cause congested acneic skin

Firms – rich in antioxidants which boosts collagen and repairs skin

Brightens – Accelerates the skins natural healing process for brighter clearer skin

Smooths – reduces fluid retention which helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite

Exfoliates – antibacterial qualities help remove unhealthy dead skin cells for more vibrant looking skin