Olena Sepyahina - Massk International Founder . Butt MaskOlena Sepyahina is an international businesswoman and President of Massk® International. Born in Ukraine, Ms. Sepyahina earned a Linguistics degree from Kiev University, a Global Business Management degree with Honours from Humber College in Toronto, a post-graduate degree in Hospitality Management in Switzerland, and an MBA in Global Marketing from Seattle University.

Olena operates a YouTube channel dedicated to travel, fashion, and beauty. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, English, Italian, and German fluently.

Olena put her global experience and education into action by founding Massk® International, which has distribution of its line of cosmetic products in 22 countries.

She lives with her husband Nick Gromicko in Boulder, Colorado.

Inspiration for Massk®

Few women are born lucky in their looks; most of us need to put an effort into being beautiful, I was motivated more than most. It took a great deal of faith and persistence to eliminate my acne in my 20s with the limited selection of products available in my home country of Ukraine. It forced me to be innovative. I took those lessons and combined them with my international education, my experiences living, and working abroad. With the support of my entrepreneur husband, I created Massk®.

Many women are intimidated by their own bodies, especially the intimate areas. We all take care of our hair and our faces, and even our hands and feet, but pampering our private parts – including our neglected derrieres – means opening our personal beauty maintenance to another dimension. Upping our personal beauty maintenance to another dimension is not easy for everyone, especially when there are no products on the market developed specifically to help, with Massk® has changed all that.

Massk® helps you discover the essential parts of your body to become more confident about your feminine side. Building self-esteem means embracing responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health. By including your butt in your total body self-care regimen, your journey to the very best version of yourself can begin.

Beauty starts at the bottom.®