“The House of Mercy in my home country of Ukraine is a charity very close to my heart. My interest in it started with the love and respect I have for my grandmother. She was the one who raised me, encouraged me, and gave me enormous amounts of strength when I needed it the most. It is elders like my grandmother who are the backbone of our world. They are priceless resources of wisdom, and they’re more precious than we realize. The most painful thing for me to see is our society’s disregard and neglect of our senior citizens. Supporting the House of Mercy is an opportunity to repay the respect our older generation deserves, and to take care of the ones who have been forgotten and left behind.” ~ Olena Sepyahina, Founder Massk® International


“When I was young, I had only one coat. It was brown, old and tattered. I dreamed of the day I would get a brand new coat – a red one. I understand first-hand the importance of having new clothes and wearing colors that make you happy. With Cozy Coats for Kids, children in need get to choose the exact color and style of coat they want. For many of these children, a coat from this charitable organization is the first time they’ll get to wear a brand new coat in a color that they themselves have selected. Even something as basic as this “color therapy” does something wonderful for children:  It allows them to heal a little from a daily cycle of want, and to imagine and believe in a happier state of being. That’s why Cozy Coats for Kids is so special to me. It’s not just about the coat we are providing – it’s the hope that is ignited in these children from receiving something meant just for them. ~ Olena Sepyahina, Founder Massk® International